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The all-in-one device designed for active bat detection and recording.

A 5″ colour touchscreen displays full spectrum and zero crossing calls in real time, enabling you to monitor and label your files in the field.

The Walkabout uses a profile system to give you fast access to customisable settings for different uses. You can lock your settings and export your profiles to other Walkabout detectors. With the touch of a button you can change the Walkabout from a heterodyne ‘listening’ detector, into a detector optimised to collect full spectrum, annotated reference calls.

In addition to the real-time sonogram display, you can switch to basic mode which shows minimal information for those that find a live display distracting.
Managing your recordings is simple with everything saved to a memory card, and a built-in file system for viewing, play-back, and species labelling.

The detector includes an omnidirectional microphone with a directional cone attachment to reduce ambient noise. Recording high quality (500 ksps) files over 200 kHz. Save written or voice memos, along with temperature, humidity and ambient light measurements.
The hand strap, lanyard and ergonomic design makes active detection for long periods comfortable. A built-in GPS and mapping system allows you to tag your calls and log your track as you go.

This custom-designed detector goes beyond the toy microphones of the competition and provides active performance second to none.

  • Full colour 5” touchscreen display
  • 500 ksps 16 bit sample rate
  • FG Knowles microphone
  • Multiple audio modes (including time expansion and heterodyne)
  • Temperature, humidity and ambient light sensors
  • Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi enabled
  • Android operating system (no phone or tablet required)
  • Free version of Insight analysis software
External Dimensions With directional cone attached L 180mm x W 100mm x D 28mm / 7” x 3.9” x 1.1”)
Weight 415 grams (14.6 oz)
Power Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery (7000mAh)
Battery Life Approximately 8 - 12 hours
Memory SD card (max 512GB)
Microphone Built-in Knowles FG omnidirectional and external microphone support
Audio Modes Heterodyne, time expansion, frequency division, comb filter or pitch shift (different audio modes available for left and right headphone channels)
Audio Output Built-in speaker and 3.5mm headphone jack (earphones included)
Frequency Range 5 - 200kHz (response rolls of beyond this point)
Housing Strong polycarbonate housing (1m drop tested)
GPS Built-in. Mapping features include import and export of KML and GPX track files. Downloadable maps provided by Open Street Maps and USGS Maps
Metadata All metadata stored in GUANO format
Software Free to download Anabat Insight call analysis software
File Output .wav (full spectrum), .zc (zero crossing) and .gpx track files
Sample Rate 500ksps 16bit
Warranty 2 years
Wi-Fi Built-in
Sensors Lux meter, temperature and humidity
Charging Micro USB wall charger (5V 2A) with international adapters
Display 5'' Colour LCD touchscreen
Operating System Android


Product Code: AAAB007



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What's in the box

Protective carry case

USB Cable



    Wall Charger Hand strap Lanyard Directional cone attachment Microfibre cleaning cloth


  1. MA

    Excellent detector
    Just got one start of this month… excellent detector – you need to invest a bit of time into getting your settings right and knowing how to adjust thresholds ‘on the fly’ in the field to get the best out of it, but once you’ve got a handle on the basics its freaking awesome. The development team are constantly updating the firmware (stable versions and experimental) so think of it as an excellent detector that’s only going to get better….

  2. ST

    Wouldn’t use anything else
    Absolutely the best thing we’ve ever bought. Wouldn’t use anything else now, we’re going to buy a second one for next season. Detection rate is brilliant, really easy to use. Definitely get one ????

  3. LU

    Great for all levels

    We’ve got 13 in our office and everyone loves them; great for all levels.

    Either the basic setting, which doesn’t show the sonogram, just frequency in number form (stops newbies staring at the screen in admiration/confusion rather than looking for bats!), or the sonogram view which shows you so much.
    We’ve had a couple of glitches but the customer service from Andrew at Titley has been second-to-none. We had an issue with Walkabout one and it was sent off, screen replaced and back with us within three days.

    The engineering team are constantly working on firmware updates to add more functions. I went to the Analook Insight workshop at the national conference and the functions that are on the way sound like a lot of fun indeed.
    My proper bat work addiction ‘back in the day’ really started through sonogram analysis and understanding the complexities of call analysis/interpretation/variables. I’ve never fully trusted my ears to be good enough so to have live data from the Walkabout is invaluable.

  4. SA

    It’s a really neat unit for collecting reference calls as you can clearly see what you are doing and can easily keep track of which calls have come from which bat. The interface is great for making notes on individual call files in the field which avoids any data management mistakes.

  5. MA

    Great and I happy with it

    I can confidently say that this device is the best one for recording bat calls, the price may surprise you, but if you know the next, the surprise may disappear.
    The device’s body is strong and durable, with a clear display, easy to set up and use, add features and applications for a tablet device (above that)
    you can use it with a free software ( Windows and mac)to edit sounds and bats call .
    It has amazing sensitivity! Do not be disturbed by any other noise while tracking the bats, (I have two other devices, I am annoyed by the noise ), also on of my device that is fixed to my cell phone) failed to detect a bat’s sound (about 116kKH !! ,but while the Anabat walkabout managed to catch it efficiently. Regarding the technical support, they are responsive. Always with you .. Thanks.
    Finally, according to the features and a solid tablet device, I find it unique! and I admit that I wasted my money on other devices!

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