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The Anabat Scout is an affordable, full spectrum bat detector designed specifically for active bat monitoring.

Titley Scientific have developed a bat detector tailored to your active survey needs. The Anabat Scout is an easy-to-use unit that can play heterodyne, auto-heterodyne and frequency division audio through earphones or the built-in speaker. But it is not limited to live listening, you can record full spectrum and zero crossing files to an SD card, with every file geo-tagged. You can even record voice notes to the SD Card.

The Scout’s features do not end with acoustics, it also has an in/out bat counter which time stamps and geotags every count. It is robust and ergonomically designed, and comes with a protective carry pouch with belt loop and lanyard. For those on the go, use the Scout in transect mode with the built-in GPS so you can save your track. When you get back to the office, you can analyse and view your files on a map with your track using the free Insight software.

Titley Scientific knows you like to work in the dark, the small black OLED display is not distracting, only giving you the crucial information, and can be operated in bright or dim modes. The glow-in-the-dark buttons means that you can find and operate your detector even on the darkest night without your headtorch!


Carry Pouch and lanyard. Please note SD Card and batteries are sold separately.

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  • Easy to use and robust
  • Record in either full spectrum or zero crossing
  • Listen in heterodyne, auto-heterodyne & frequency division audio
  • In & out bat counter with automatic time stamping and geotagging
  • Built-in GPS for transect mode and geotagging
  • Glow in the dark buttons, easy to find at night
  • Record voice notes
  • Includes a protective carry pouch and lanyard
  • Comes with free version of Insight software
Weight 160 grams (5.64 oz) without batteries
Dimensions 150 x 74 x 38 mm (5.9 x 2.9 x 1.5 in)
Display OLED with dim mode
User Interface Illuminated tactile keypad
Audio Output Built-in Speaker or 3.5mm Headphone Jack
Memory SD Card (maximum 512 GB)
Battery Life Approx. 10 hours
Power Requirement 2 x AA batteries (NiMh, Alkaline, Lithium)
Microphone Built-in low-noise Knowles omni-directional microphone
Sampling Rate 320 ksps, 16 bit
Frequency range 10 - 160 KHz (response rolls off beyond this point)
Audio Modes Heterodyne, frequency division, Auto-tune heterodyne (left-right channel mode mixing)
GPS Built-in. Includes geo-tagging of bat recordings, memos and bat counter.
Mapping GPX track files
Bat Counter In/Out bat counter with auto timestamping and geotagging (CSV file output)
File Output .wav (full spectrum), .zc (zero crossing) and .gpx track files
Metadata All metadata stored in GUANO format
Software Free to download Insight call analysis software
Warranty 2 years


Product Code: AAAB017



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Carry Pouch


    Lanyard Quick start guide


  1. P

    Feels very intuitive

    It is lightweight and comfortable to hold and the menu is easy to navigate and feels very intuitive, further aided by brief explanatory text to explain the options.
    A feature I found particularly satisfying is the auto tune heterodyne mode which means that the detector automatically tunes in to the peak frequency of any bat calls picked up by the detector. Whichever mode you are in the peak frequency is automatically displayed on the screen, enabling you to instantly identify species such as pipistrelles that can be readily identified by the sound and the peak frequency of their calls.
    Another nice feature is the two “Bat Counter” buttons (IN and OUT), enabling you to keep a tally of bats entering and exiting a roost during roost counts. Every in and out button press is written to a .csv spreadsheet, along with the date, time and location of each button press.
    An unexpected additional feature (tucked away in the “Other” menu) is the classic and very retro computer game “Snake”, no doubt provided to keep you entertained during downtime such as waiting for rain to clear. Just try not to get too addicted and use up valuable battery life!

  2. G

    Lightweight and handy, the Anabat Scout is an integrated detector which is both configurable for “active” use to monitor roosts using the count buttons (out & in); or more autonomous for “passive” use over several hours or an entire night. For the active, the heterodyne sound is clear and the peak frequency display is useful. SD card recordings can be listened to later on x10 time expansion using the computer. The GPS coordinates associated with each recording and the possibility of recording a voice note are a real bonus.

  3. CT

    Great machine, easy to use, recommend Titley Scientific staff for their professional advice and asssistance.

    The Anabat Scout Active Bat Detector was easy to set up and use. It was really interesting to get immediate feedback from the instrument as you walked about. Great way to demonstrate to a group. Titley Scientific were fantastic to deal with, answered questions about the product and were able to accommodate our request, even through the COVID 19 pandemic!

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