"These days, we are renowned globally for our electronic and ecology expertise"


Our company was born of humble beginnings in New Zealand, with David Titley. When David moved to Australia and met infamous bat biologist Chris Corben, the company now known as Titley Scientific and its flagship product – the Anabat bat detector – was conceived. These days, we are renowned globally for our electronic and ecology expertise.

As an example, let us introduce you to two of our team members: Dirk and Julie. Dirk is a software engineer, before joining Titley he was one of the code architects of the ID3v2 metadata audio tagging standard, and developed globally-used casino and resort staff scheduling software. He’s enjoying working on our new recorder (the Chorus), and can’t wait to try it out in Amsterdam (his favourite place) when we are allowed to start internationally travelling again.



Dirk_writing_code Julie_with_bat

Chris Corben looking for bats during a solar eclipse (above left); Dirk coding in our Brisbane office (left); Julie with a Saccolaimus mixtus in Cape York (right)

Julie is one of our in-house ecologists who’s been with Titley Scientific for around 6 years. She’s completed her PhD on bat ecology in remote northern Australia, and is currently exploring the use of scent detection dogs to find bats. Many of you may have met her at conferences, or during online workshops. Julie works with our engineers to help develop the detectors, and then trains biologists on how to get the most out of our hardware and software. She is looking forward to finding unique conservation projects for the Chorus, maybe looking for Cassowaries or Greater Gliders.

Dirk and Julie, along with the rest of our passionate team, are extending their expertise in bat monitoring to improve conservation of other fauna, such as koalas, birds and frogs.

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