You can now upgrade your Anabat Express to record in full spectrum. Here are some of the reasons WHY you should perform the upgrade on your Express:

- Reduce your e-waste footprint

- Continue using a familiar product

- Increase the lifespan of your Express to meet any new full spectrum guidelines

- Save money compared to purchasing a new full spectrum bat detector


HOW can you do the upgrade?

You can order the upgrade through our website, and we will come back to you with the instructions to send your Anabat Express to your local distributor, who will perform the upgrade for you.

Click here to see pricing and how your Anabat Express Full Spectrum Upgrade will compare to Anabat Swift and Chorus detectors >>


Here are some things to note about the upgrade:

Anabat Express Bat detector

- Your detector will look the same, with the same user interface on the inside. There will be an extra button that allows you to swap between full spectrum (FS) and zero crossing (ZC) recording, as well as adjust the sensitivity between 3 levels. More detailed settings can be adjusted by connecting the Express to the computer via USB, just as it is now. All other existing features of the Express will remain.

- You will need to send the detector back to your local distributor to perform the upgrade. Depending on timing and popularity, it may take several weeks.

- It will record automatically in FS (.wav), you can also choose to record ZC (.zc) files if desired.

- ZC files will be recorded in .zc format (individual sequence files), not .zca (an entire night) like it previously did.

- Full spectrum recordings require much more storage space, so you will need to ensure you use larger SD cards.

- The new SD card size limit will be 512GB (not 32GB as it currently is).

- We expect the battery life to be around 30 nights for FS, depending on bat activity. ZC will be much longer.

- You can use the same microphone if you have the newer V2 or V3 type. The older type (no version marking on the microphone) will still work but battery life will be reduced. For best results we recommend upgrading to the new V3 microphone.

- Recordings (FS or ZC) can be opened and analysed in the free version of Anabat Insight.

- There will be a 1 year warranty on work carried out.