Downloads - Software & Firmware




New SD2 Firmware - If you are using older version of the SD2 firmware, upgrade to the new version now for greater reliability. This new SD2 firmware 4062 has a completely revised CF card interface which will work properly and seamlessly with nearly all cards. It also corrects several minor bugs and implements improvements to power management, GPS interface, log file reporting and IO functionality. It introduces new remote-control capabilities.

SD1 Firmware - In order to load the SD1 Firmware onto your AnaBat SD1, you are also required to download the Picload software program (available for download under the Software section at top of the page).

GML1 Firmware - For instructions on upgrading modem firmware, please read the "Updating GML1 Firmware" section in the GML1 User Manual (click to download)  for your Anabat detector model. When upgrading the firmware, please select the correct Band option required for the country of use.

  • - For USA and Canada,  select 'Option D'
  • - For all other countries, select 'Option A'