Acoustic Techniques and AnalookW  Analysis Courses

Instructed by: Cori Lausen, Chris Corben & Kim Livengood

  • The Acoustic Techniques Course is designed to give a good overall understanding of Anabat use and call analysis using AnalookW software. Students will learn to be confident in the use of the Anabat system and will be given the basic understanding of bat acoustics needed to use the system effectively. Participants will gain hands on training with the Anabat detector in a number of field implementations and will learn how to manage Frequency Division data efficiently. Special attention will be given to developing the skills needed to interpret and identify recorded bat calls. A set of example calls of regional bats will be supplied to supplement calls collected by students during the class. 
  • The AnalookW Analysis Course gives instruction on advanced software techniques for fast and efficient analysis of bat call data, using Filter and Scans. Special attention will be given to dealing with large datasets including file management, automated analysis, and generation of graphics for inclusion in reports. NEW: this course also includes instruction for the use of BCID auto identification software.  


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