AnaBat: Bat detector - passive monitoring

Passive monitoring involves using the bat detector in a fixed location as a data logger, to record bat calls without human interaction. This is ideal for the welfare of disturbance-sensitive species, and also reduces the effort for the surveyor. It can be used for one night, a week, month or years, depending on the power source used. 

The AnaBat™ Detectors are the industry standard for use in passive monitoring applications because of the power and data sample rate efficiencies. The AnaBat™ SD2 detector is useful for a wide range of detection studies, including passive monitoring and Titley Scientific is proud to have two new detectors which are specifically designed for passive monitoring.  The AnaBat™ Express designed for user-friendly deployment on short term monitoring and the AnaBat™ Roost Logger designed for long term monitoring at roosts.  Both of these units are in rugged, weather proof cases for easy and convenient deployments. 

 Passive monitoring is ideal for:

- Temporal emphasis ie. when do bats use a small sampled space 

- Long term studies which can sample high temporal variability of bat activity 

- Multiple sites can be sampled to compare habitats 

- Rare species

- Hard-to-detect species

- Hard-to-identify species 

- Potentially massive sampling effort, help enhances probability of detecting

- Low labour costs for sampling effort 

- Can be used as an adjunct to active monitoring – covers whole night 

- Environmental impact assessments

Devices for passive monitoring:

- AnaBat™ Detectors: SD2, Express, and Roost Logger

- Microphones: All three detectors use their own microphones, with different characteristics. The SD2 and Express have removable microphones, which can be mounted separately using an extension cable. The Roost Logger has a fixed microphone. 

- Memory cards: CF Card for SD2 or SD Card for Express and Roost Logger. Cards up to 32 GB can be used.

Memory card reader: Suitable for both SD and CF Cards. Card readers vary greatly in quality, but the ones supplied by Titley Scientific have proven reliable.

AnaBat Equalizer: Used to equalize the sensitivities of  AnaBat SD2 detectors. 

- Power options: The SD2 and Express detectors can be run from 4 x AA rechargeable batteries. The Express will last approximately 14 nights whilst the SD2  will last approximately 2 - 3 nights). The SD2  can also be run off external 12 volt battery, and/or a solar panel/regulator for longer recording periods.  The Roost Logger runs on 4 D-Cell batteries for up to 8 weeks 24 hours a day.