AnaBat: Bat detector - active monitoring

The AnaBat™ SD2 Bat Detector, when used in conjunction with a hand-held PDA or Microsoft Windows PC, allows users to view sonograms of bat calls in real time. The compact flash GPS unit tracks where the observer was looking for bats and where bats were recorded.


Active monitoring is ideal for:

- Small-scale spatial emphasis – finding where the bats are, or what bats are in a small area.

- Enables highest quality call recordings due to user control of detector orientation.

- Visual observations of bat behaviour and appearance can greatly assist species identification.

- Best way to learn how call structure relates to bat behaviour and flight context.

- Excellent for educational demonstrations


Devices required for active monitoring:

- AnaBat™ SD2 bat detector

- Microphone: a microphone can be removed from the AnaBat™ SD2 and mounted separately using an extensioncable. You are able to choose between microphones at the time of purchase

- PDA with charger, spare battery and USB cable. A standard PDA battery lasts about 2 - 3 hours and a sparebattery protects your ability to record data in case your primary battery is accidently discharged
* A PDA kit with SD2 is available

PDA mounting bracket (PDA to AnaBat™ SD2) and cable (SD2 to PDA)

Compact Flash GPS unit: a compact flash GPS works inside the PDA to provide a continuous record of wherean observer has been and where the bats were recorded. It also provides an accurate time reference and the PDA can display a map to help the user navigate along a transect. Traditional hand-held GPS units cannot be used in this way with a PDA setup.

- AnaBat™ chirper: whenever quantitative comparisons of bat activity will be made, it is important to ensure the bat detectors used are all set to the same sensitivity. The graduations on the sensitivity control cannot guarantee this. In active monitoring, calibration would be required if the results from more than one detector will be compared.

- 4 x AA size rechargeable batteries



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